NOC, NOC. 10G of Bandwidth awaits!

WiFi Connection Instructions

  • Use "TheEleventhHOPE-WPA" for best security. Any user and password combo will work (No Spaces!). The certificate is legitimately signed by Let's Encrypt.
  • Windows has some issues with "TheEleventhHOPE-WPA" network. Use "TheEleventhHOPE-PSK".
  • The password for "TheEleventhHOPE-PSK" is "hopehope".
  • The "TheEleventhHOPE" network is open.
  • The "TheEleventhHOPE-PRIV" is for PRESS and SPEAKERS, contact for access.
  • The "TheEleventhHOPE-NOC" is restricted for obvious reasons.

Have a request? Need support?


In case of a network emergency, you can reach the NOC via 855.916.2600

If it's taking awhile, or you have an urgent request drop by the NOC behind Security on the Mezzanine


Need help? Email and someone will be assigned to help you.

Is my Internet traffic going to The Netherlands? No. Prefix Broker, an IP broker based in The Netherlands was kind enough to provide our IP address space.

How are we connected to the Internet? We have a 10 Gbps dark fiber circuit to 111 8th Ave, where we pick up Hurricane Electric connectivity. We are operating our own Autonomous System (AS6427) with IPv4 and IPv6 BGP sessions.

Why do I have a public IP address? Because we want you to express your creativity and put our network to use. Enjoy, and push more bandwidth.

Can I get a wired connection? Yes. Two options - we can provided wired access on the Mezz, and we also have colocation avaliable in the NOC, email with your request.

Why don't I get 10 Gbps on my phone? Physics. 64 x 1024 x 8 / 0.003 = 180 Mb/s.

It's not working, help... Did you try turning it off and on again?

One of many fiber runs being connected.
A view of the core network stack.
10G of Bandwidth.
Fiber Reels